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farm holiday lodge

At last holidays have arrived :) ...and I thinkthis could be a great idea for families or a group of Friends who want to enjoy nature and relax .
  • Conchy
    3y ago
    thanks so much Janelle, Russ - yes... still trying to "land" and enjoy :D -, Ayudewii, Leenvandesande and Sarasepideh ... Really appreciate your comments :)
  • sarasepideh
    3y ago
    Fantastic Conchy:)
  • leenvandesande
    3y ago
    so good!
  • ayu DR
    3y ago
    ayu DR
    This time, i am so agree with Janelle! This design are very inviting also! You are so great creating exterior also, not just interior. This one, surely a very inspiring design! 
  • russ
    3y ago
    Very lovely! Have you had time to decompress? It usually takes me at least a month!
  • janelle1
    3y ago
    Glorious.....I can feel the breeze and smell the fresh Air......Hope you too are enjoying such a special place !!!! :))