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for Conchy 7

From forum discussion here:


Scenery in window from a photo of a clouded forest in La Palma, Canary Islands by Tony Hisgett licensed by CC 2.0 [attribution required] and found here:


  • Conchy
    3y ago
    another lovely idea !!! Thanks so muchRuss for all these incredible designs. I surely let you know what we decide at the end.... I´ve been so busy and then got the flu, so I´m now starting to study all these plans.. we want to start son, perhaps we´ll do the the stairs and work on the first floor ( this will allow us to live upstairs) and then start with the second floor. Let´s see what happens....next week we´ll have a meeting with the architect, but we want to have an idea to give her. Thanks again for all your help!!!
  • janip
    3y ago

    Fantastic,very homely and inviting!

  • Mum Dali
    3y ago
    Mum Dali

    I really love all the designs you are doing to help conchy for her new home !!! This one is so cozy and warm, I love, love ,love it !!!!

  • trubble
    3y ago
    Hey there Russ ..long time no chat .Thank you for the vote and for the lovely compliment and likes . I've missed a lot of your new creations and will try to catch up on them sometime soon . Love all your work as always though . Great stuff !!!!
  • JayPH
    3y ago

    Great job Russ!! 

  • MandyB84
    3y ago


  • darkknight
    3y ago

    Great work Russ

  • lydiaenderlebell
    3y ago

    WOW! I love this eclectic look! Great job, Russ!