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Design 296 Dreamers

  • anchajaya
    2y ago

    That is lovely. Inspiration.

  • janip
    2y ago

    Absolutely stunning,great work Daisy!

  • Mum Dali
    2y ago
    Mum Dali

    Daisy, you did a great Job again !!! You perfectly matched all colors and it makes a beautiful warm atmosphere !!!! Love it !!!!

  • Cailyn V
    2y ago
    Cailyn V

    This is a perfect room for dreaming! Love the picture and love how you use the color same like picture! Wonderful design! <3

  • Daisy320
    2y ago

    I wanted to design a dream room around Albert Joseph Moore's painting "Dreamers", painted in 1882.  I love the pre-raphaelite style of paintings. They are such great inspirations for design, at least for me. This would be a great room to lay back and "dream". :)