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Galways JPop Princess

Once upon a time... an adorable Pop Star from Tokyo was swept off her feet by a dashing Irish poet.  Now they have moved back to his family estate and are awaiting a princess of their own! - The design needed to mix heirloom bits with with the couples love of modern and of course had to incorporate a bit of  rock-n- roll--and her Japanese heritage.  The  parents "wishes" for their baby were expressed thru motifs that also needed to be incorporated; Cranes represent long life and happiness, Elephants; wisdom and steadfastness, and the Fish (koi);  represent both prosperity & Japanese identity /culture itself.  

The peachy pink & white palette keep things very zen while pops of graphic black and white (good for tiny babies! ) keeps it from getting too kitschy  and make things a bit rock n roll. Classic prints from the undisputed queen of prints Marimekko are never a bad choice and are sure to make  everyone smile....