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Hotel Tropic

  • eallmon
    2y ago

    Thank you

  • dZynerSuPreme
    2y ago

    Hi, Eallmon. If I may offer you a word of advice . . . for your contest entries, steer away from odd camera angles unless it's a contest requirement, like viewing a room from above. I know that your intention was to show all the areas of the room but I've noticed for a while now, that angles like this one do poorly in contests. In some cases they become confusing to the eye. In others, like with this angle, they simply take away from the overall design and layout. I usually don't vote for rooms with odd angles for these reasons, like many others, but I made an acception for yours. I liked how much work you put into creating separate areas within the design. It's probably on a subconscious level, but most viewers would prefer to view a room as though they are standing in it. I hope this helps. Keep up the good work.