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Winter Warmth

Professional skier Eloise Montgomery spent as many days on the slopes as she could. She was always speeding down the double black diamond trails, soaring through midair from a jump, and whooping it up on many feet of fresh powder. However, when the days got cold and Eloise needed a warm place to rest, she turned to her ski cabin. Her ski cabin was a tiny, two room space, just the way Eloise liked. The first room was her bedroom, living room, and kitchenette. The second was her bathroom. Eloise had decided on a nook bed in her bedroom for comfort and warmth, as the curvature of the ceiling made her feel safe and comforted. On particularly cold days, the two places you could find Eloise would be on a mountain or in her hideaway, sipping a steaming mug of cocoa and embracing the warmth of the winter.


Story and design in honor of the Winter Olympics

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