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Lyra Croft impatiently scratched her head. She was struggling to get her kitchen and house in perfect condition before her abode was flooded by guests. She invited all of her friends and family to "celebrate the holidays a little early", however it was all a ruse. She was actually inviting them because of something really exciting: She and her husband Grad had adopted twins! They'd started the process of adoption months ago without telling anyone, in case they decided not to adopt any children. But, after weeks of paperwork and visiting the adoption centre, Lyra and Brad had found their kids, and were going to get them tonight at nine! Her guests were set to come at eight, but Lyra knew her family, that always came early. She took a swift glance at her watch. It was 7:32 PM. She desperately crammed useless appliances in full-to-bursting cupboards, and nearly cracked a few plates. The clock ticked by harmlessly yet evilly, as if it were saying that her time was just about up. She picked up what she thought was the last sock and made her eyes dart around her house. Clean, clean, clean. Everything was clean. Just then, the doorbell rang.

"Coming!" Lyra screeched. She reached the front door and opened it into a freezing gust of wind. Immediately about seven people jumped up on her and slammed her into massive bear hugs. Jumbled "We missed you"s and "Lyra!"s nearly made her ears explode. After a few more minutes of awkward conversations and hellos, she and her family approached her kitchen. "WOW! THIS IS AMAZING!" Her mom said delightfully. Lyra blushed. She didn't get compliments from her mom very often. That comment however made Lyra ponder for just a second about her kitchen. It was certainly a unique room, with a homey atmosphere and warmness that really felt distinct from even her own mom's kitchen. Lyra smiled. This was going to be an interesting and life-changing day for Lyra and Brad. She took a glance at her watch again. 9:00. Just then, the doorbell rang...