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Serene violin music played solemnly in the background as Apolo Alexiou hung his bookbag over a hook, and walked into his living room. Several lanterns, pendants, and lamps were turned on their dim settings, making the room feel warm and romantic, the very thing Apolo was going for. His girlfriend was coming over for an eventful movie night, where he planned to propose to her.

He took a seat carefully, minding the lanterns and pillows, and took a small, white box out of his pocket. He opened it, and inside, a sparkling diamond ring with three, ornate diamonds on a silver ring shone at him. He smiled,  envisioning her angelic face's reaction to his special gift.

Apolo and his girlfriend Maria had been dating for six years, ever since they attended the University of Minnesota together. Three years into their relationship, Apolo planned a proposal on her birthday, but severe financial issues, unwilling parents, and debt prevented the two from marriage. But after a lot of convincing, job interviews, and savings did Apolo manage to reach a reasonable amount of wealth enough to start a family.

Apolo went into his kitchen and prepared Maria's favourite dish: homemade beef gyros served with Caeser salad. A few minutes of cooking passed and the doorbell rang. Maria was here. Apolo opened the door...