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Hamilton Home Mom Office4

This is the hallway to the Hamilton's home. It leads to rooms and the loft, but that's not all. The Hamilton's have 3 other floors and a basement (stairs are on the other side of the camera)

I will follow my characters to school, work, and when Daisy is acting sneaky at home. I will show images of their new home in Hampton Hills (L.A. California). Let me know you support this by commenting and liking my posts!! You may read on...

Jerry: Rich, has rich family and has biggest house in town, was remmaried after his first wife died in a car crash, really nice and cool/not MJ's real dad

Megan: Jerry's second wife, mother of MJ (had MJ with an old boyfriend of hers, quite a snob, likes to brag about money and fame, former model. Had 27 boyfriends in her life since she was 12 (starting dating at 12).

MJ: Crazy Teen/Jock Dating popular girl/cheerleader, Christina. Mom is Megan, Step-Dad Jerry (only had one girlfriend, Christina)

Christina: MJ's popular girlfriend (has had 5 boyfriends already.)

Daisy: Megan, Jerry, and MJ's new puppy, sneaky, mischevious and rude

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    your designs aren't as good as mine or anyone else's. 

    sorry :(

    but this is one of the best designs you've made so far :)

    I like your work, even if its not the best :)

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    Why am I sooo proud of myself? This has to be my best design yet!! Who agrees? Anyone??