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Where's my umbrella?

  • _Taz_
    6y ago
  • Orionaute
    7y ago
    I'm impress ! 2 or 3 times, I think to tell you, but today I follow your pink road and... it's you again ! Like your créations.
  • matthew thompson
    7y ago
    matthew thompson
    Thats really funny! Tee Hee!
  • tinyteenie
    7y ago
    poor guy :'(
    his umbrella!!!!!!!!
    i'll lend u mine :')
  • alleypea
    7y ago
    Quartzo is right...the scene does look like he should use that umbrella and lightpost and do a Gene Kelly imitation! Very cool!
  • jenshadow_222
    7y ago
    hahaha...hope he's not too far from where he's going! =)
  • auntiehelen
    7y ago
    Hee! Hee! I hope he doesn't catch cold !!!
  • Quartzo
    7y ago
    Sorry for my wrong English!!!!
  • Quartzo
    7y ago
    Be bored ALWAYS! And now... take the umbrella, jump to the post light, and.... sing !!!! I'm singing in the rain Just singin' in the rain I'm happy again I'm singin' and dancin' in the rain... You're our well wisher!!!!
  • liling
    7y ago
    Love this!
  • Your well wisher
    7y ago
    Your well wisher
    Actually, this was meant to be a trial, but I just did this randomly as I was bored:)
  • mrschicken
    7y ago
    It's a downpour!!!!!
  • AlSudairy S
    7y ago
    AlSudairy S
    Thats new! looooooooooooool