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Houses and Gardens

  • 2f5fe43g
    8y ago
    i love it but it reminds me of dora the explorer but i still love the colors
  • alleypea
    8y ago
    I love it...and the garden is delightful...I wouldn't change a thing!
  • janip
    8y ago
    Wow! love the colors!
  • Bibiche
    8y ago
    AH,I did'nt know we could paint the frame of a window! This is so cute!
  • jenshadow_222
    8y ago
    So colorful and cute! =)
  • Your well wisher
    8y ago
    Your well wisher
    Thanks a lot mrsc! I think I would redo the design, with that huge bunch of plants growing haphazardly it seriously needs a gardener! So Glad that we got a new feature to add colour to the windows :)
  • mrschicken
    8y ago
    Wow, so colorful!