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T Attic Apt

  • JoyG23
    over 1y ago
    cbruno23, the ceiling is an architectural feature that you can find in the architectural section along with other ceiling features. This particular feature is called “sloping window ceiling” it has a variety of different slopes and angles. :)
  • cbruno23
    over 1y ago

    Beautiful! How do you get the ceiling to look like that? I am a beginner and would like some tips. 

  • 1185231
    over 1y ago

    Sooo pretty! Question, whats that bed called? 

  • anchajaya
    over 1y ago

    is beautiful~! ~<3

  • BettyCvl
    over 1y ago

    Hello! I really love your way to create these rooms. I'm a story writer and I use an amazing app to "animate" my stories, so they become virtual novels and for that, I use a lot of amazing backgrounds available on the app itself. But my story requires a few other backgrounds I'd like to create myself but I'm not has talented as you seem to be here. So, I'd like to know if you could create a whole "apartment" design based on the "story" I wrote and I could mention/credit your profile here during the different chapters. Thank you by advance and congrats on your rooms!