Designed 7y ago by

floral happy

A room design for my blog. Illustrates a single hue, red, with variations in saturation and value.
  • nonehpets
    7y ago
    You possibly need to start with a new base room - we cannot add descriptions anymore so that is why you don't get a option to take them off
  • toadfool
    7y ago
    does anyone know how to get rid of the wrong label on designs? because i copy from one design from another i keep getting the wrong descriptions with them
  • Quartzo
    7y ago
    You are becoming master in color combination!
  • alleypea
    7y ago
    Love it, love it, love it!!! The colors are fabulous!
  • Gregorymydeco
    7y ago
    Hi Toadfool, I will look at what's happening following your feedback. Give me a bit of time, we are underwater right now. :)