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Muted Tone

  • Just Bee
    1d ago
    Just Bee

    Saoirsea Thank you :)

  • Saoirsea
    4d ago

    Adding those persons to your room was a very smart move. It really gives your room a romantic vibe.

  • Just Bee
    11d ago
    Just Bee

    Thank you everyone it means so much to me :) "The funfun girl" awe that's so sweet :)

  • lovedsign
    11d ago

    very nice!

  • lydiaenderlebell
    11d ago

    Very well done!

  • LaModeCeleste
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  • Inna_Inas
    11d ago

    Great details! 

  • The funfun girl
    12d ago
    The funfun girl

    Hey love your room...the colours are my reminds me of the time me and my bf got our first apartment such good also reminds me of all those time drinking wine with my awesome friends...speaking friends pls be mine and follow me...thx your the bomb of bombs girl...i mean it...#memories#winetime#chillwithbae#lovingit#plsfollow...