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Woods House Bedroom

  • ArtHousedeco
    3d ago

    Hi, Lizy! Lovely room! :) I read you remixed my rustic kitchen to learn how I created the hood but couldn't figure it out. It's a regular wall (thick) with one large rectangular opening at the bottom and two rectangular openings (one on each side up to the ceiling). This way you end up with a regular rectangle. To shape the hood I then added two round openings, one on each side, 30 cm above the bottom rectangular opening and, finally, two more rectangular openings whose base start exactly in the middle of the round openings and up to the ceiling. I hope I made myself clear (English is not my first language), but maybe if you read this and then remix it it might help you figure it out! :) cheers! 

  • russ
    8 months ago

    Love this retreat! Thank you Lizy and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :-)

  • Valkhan
    1 year ago

    Wonderful room!!!