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The Owl

The owl had sought a place in the barn to hibernate. In the summer we had set up a bathroom in the garden and when we went out to bathe in the evening, we were never alone ... it was beautiful. The owl was able to fly out of the barn and catch mice; There were a lot of them on our farm. We all had a good time... <3

  • LuzMa HL
    17h ago
    LuzMa HL

    I'm in love with this design and the story behind.

  • kitty
    7d ago


  • Vanessa_D
    8d ago
    this is so Special! I love it!
  • russ
    8d ago

    Love it! I also love owls and had similar experiences with them :-)

  • Mum Dali
    9d ago
    Mum Dali

    Thank you so much my friends <3

  • jagwas
    10d ago

    wow! very extraordinary:)

  • Ida Dzanovic
    10d ago
    Ida Dzanovic

    I would love to have a similar bathroom! Cozy and romantic. Really like your design because you stick to the reality and real opportunities to build or decorate the interior that you sketch. <3 hugs <3 

  • Inna_Inas
    10d ago

    Soooo beautiful! 

  • augustmoon
    10d ago

    Cute, hoot hoot. I love owls too!

  • barnigondi
    10d ago

    me too:) Hugs to you<3

  • Mum Dali
    10d ago
    Mum Dali

    I love Owls <3