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  • Raven Storme
    6d ago
    Raven Storme

    I look at this and I see a friend - he's been dead for some years now.  Veteran with bad PTSD; he wouldn't let anyone help him.  We tried, god knows we tried.  The one time he actually let me in the "roach motel" he was living in, it looked a lot like this room.  Empty liquor bottles, stuff strewn everywhere ... it was sad.  Hell of a thing, you know?

    Sorry for the mini-ramble.  You did a great job conveying tone with this - at least for me.

  • HenkRetro1960
    7d ago

    That's a good one!

  • Valentinapenta
    7d ago

    Think a better title would be, "Squalor".  Well done.