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news and balcony

COVID19 life: The news are always present at breakfast , and a balcony is "gold" to go out in a town. ... Then, once a week you go to the supermarket (perhaps) , but it's not a pleasant walk ... it's a quick drive to the nearest shop with few words or interaction with others ... Thanks to tecnology, I can meet my sons and family in Skype or wassap... Not so bad !!!


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  • Theadora
    1 month ago

    Hi Conchy, wonderful kitchen! How are you and your family/friends? We're ok here, hubby got over his pneumonia and we're not coughing much anymore. We had symptoms but won't know if it was the virus until it's safe to go get tested for antibodies. Been in isolation since Feb. and very fortunate to live on forested acreage with wildlife visiting everyday. :) Like you we Face time with our 2 kids (in Montreal) regularly.  Btw, I order online and our store delivers the groceries, love it! :) Virtual hugs, Theadora. <3

  • Sanare Sousa
    1 month ago
    Sanare Sousa

    Amei isso !

  • Teresa Valdes Beso
    2m ago
    Teresa Valdes Beso

    Que alegría ver tu diseño!!!! además de que me gusta mucho sé que estás bien, estaba preocupada por tí!!!no te veía!!. Realmente casi no tengo conexión en estos días, solo entro para ver los miembros activos. Un abrazo!!! Cuídate!!!

  • darkknight
    2m ago

    Looks Great