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Mediterranean outdoors

This design was completed today ( May 4th, 2020). It's the result of re-visiting a stalled project from 11 months ago. Where you now see the Ardell mirror on the wall, I had originally wanted to have an archway with a view to gardens beyond, but I just couldn't manage to get it to look how I wanted it to. So, during these last few hours I decided to sacrifice the archway and vista beyond to create a more intimate space. During these Covid-19 lockdown times private outdoor space is precious. This is a space where I'd happily enjoy an afternoon outside reading a book and perhaps enjoying a glass of wine or a beer and an occasional nudge from my cat.

  • ArtHousedeco
    2m ago

    Gorgeous! :D Love Mediterranean style myself! :)

  • RHD
    2m ago

    Thanks Isaacarchitect! Comments and "likes" on this and other designs are much appreciated.  I don't seem to be able to reply directly to your comment, so not sure whether you'll see this reply.

  • Isaacarchitect
    2m ago

    This is beautiful!