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My remake to retro office

I remade this room. i swaped the desk and the seating then added a table so more than about 4 people could be in the room. I think it opens it up w/ only one desk. I think an office isn't an office if you see the back of somebody when you walk in the door i would like to see them so i swaped it with the coucha nd loveseat. i took out the pillows because i think it looks cleaner without them. The table could be for entertaining and i felt like there wasn't any before. i hope you like it!
  • staceypa
    11y ago
    i like what you have done, i was looking to do more of an informal look as this room was more for someone who worked from home, in their study but still wanted it to have a stylish contemporary feel. The idea of the seating with the sofas etc was to create an informal area to have a meeting, which is why i added the cushions to soften the hard edges and add warmth to the room.