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Happy Little House

  • VeroDale
    6y ago
    Very colorful and definitely happy! Love it!
  • Tim VB
    6y ago
    Tim VB
    Living in a watermelon ;) Nice colourcombination
  • _Taz_
    6y ago
    Indeed a happy house!!
  • oceanicdesign
    6y ago
    Hey, could I issue a challenge? I've been working myself on designing a room for a shapeshifter falcon/human. Have you considered trying to design a room like this- with any species? It would have to be able to accomodate two species equally, while being practical and visually attractive for visitors. 
  • vagrfd
    6y ago
    Lovely!Happiness in a room!
  • kukimag
    6y ago
    The title fits the house perfectly, this makes me happy!!!:) There's a lot of life in it!