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My Faith Is In My Heart

  • Theadora
    5y ago
    Wonderful way to be...
  • XValidze
    5y ago
    I like your philosophic way of thinking about Faith!!!
  • myideas interiors
    5y ago
    myideas interiors
    I love your mood. ;)
  • janelle1
    5y ago
    I agree
  • Mum Dali
    5y ago
    Mum Dali
    'If you once reached your inner garden, silence will speak to you; listen and be aware.'
    Thats what you created !!! Thank you from my Heart for sharing this with us Ania Daliva <3
  • Ania Daliva
    5y ago
    Ania Daliva
    I believe that faith is trust and belief on something that is not based on proof, therefor faith has no other place but in our hearts and it can't be determined by religion but by hope. that's why i didn't create room but i created space  .. (could place it in ocean, street, room or mountain ..anywhere) but today this was my mood