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render test

  • ayudewi
    3y ago
    Dear Bibiche, i have learnt to make a kitchen set from one of your previous design. Thank you very much for creating such as fabulous DIY-Kitchen set! If later you get online here, i hope you're keen to  visit my page and see how it goes. It wasn't as perfect as yours, but i am grateful enough to learnt something new here :) Thanks again and take care!
  • Violetta V
    3y ago
    Violetta V
    How are you, Bibiche? I hope you are doing well. I miss your designs!
  • Orionaute
    4y ago
    Alors, tu nous reviens??!!!
  • liling
    4y ago
    Miss you! How are you? I would like to see something new from you. All the best<3
  • janelle1
    5y ago
    Happy New Year Bibiche .........Hope you enjoyed the holidays!!!!   Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2015.   Come back soonest!!!!!! :))
  • debbygoyens
    5y ago
    I hope you wil create new rooms soon ! :) Ps Happy New Year :) :D <3
  • Keara Ramsey
    5y ago
    Keara Ramsey
    how do you rate a set?
  • Bibiche
    5y ago
    Do not rate! It is a test for the new kitchen furniture's problems.See render in 2D!