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  • russ
    5y ago
    Thank you Janelle, Shadower and Mandy!!! This is my dream house! The 2nd thing I started on here, it's very special to me. Thank you!
  • MandyB84
    5y ago
    This is so gorgeous!!!
    Thank you for your comment on my black&white design.
    Not sure if you've already read the "discussion" about submitting old designs in contests?
    I started the discussion because I had some "doubts" about the Betterliving contest, but I don't think that's the reason why they are looking into altering the contest system to let us enter only newly created designs. 
    Although I really like the challenge of creating something new for a contest, sometimes you just have one "in store", that fits perfectly.
  • sometimes i am here
    5y ago
    sometimes i am here
  • janelle1
    5y ago
    Lovely and relaxing !!!!!