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Paris tiny room

  • janelle1
    5y ago
    Really terrific !!!!!!!!!!
  • Lizzy0715
    5y ago
    Thanks for the kind comments Starsector, Rial90, Mum Dali & KarmaKitten! :)
    It was a real challenge, I'm very glad you all like it!
  • deleted_1512409295_KarmaKat
    5y ago
    This makes the room look very different in structure it is a lot bigger! Excellent.
  • Mum Dali
    5y ago
    Mum Dali
    This is really great !!!!
  • rial90
    5y ago
    Its amazing what you've done with this room!! And I completely agree with Starsector, - very clever to divide the room with the bookcase!
  • starsector
    5y ago
    Clever use of the bookcase surround!