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This project was very inspirational to me and one that birthed a scenario in my mind as I worked on it. I would like to share that fantasy. It is an apartment in New York on the west side of City Park for a prosperous young family. The time is in the evening when the children have gotten home from public school. The children are happily working on school projects, laying and sitting on the sofas and rug, often getting up to ask questions and proudly show their parents their work. The young mother from the U.S. is relaxing and working in her favorite spot on the opposite side of the room in the corner with all those big pillows and feet up on the ottoman. She is a contributing editor to the New York Times. She is also waiting for her casserole to be done for dinner. The father, a young brilliant man from Pakistan, has just gotten home from his job as one of the top cultural attaches to the U.N. and is sitting in one of the Wassily chairs, bent forward and happily catching up with all the things his 3 young bright children have learned and been inspired by that day. They are a family of privacy, but use that privacy to study and learn the beautiful diversity of different cultures. The scenery outside is a photo by Trxr4kds, who has released it into the public domain. The art above the fireplace is a blown up reproduction of Paul Gauguin's "The Swineherd." Both were found in Wikimedia.