Santa Barbara Home - by JarkaK
Santa Barbara Home
Modern Bedroom - Bedroom - by JarkaK
Modern Bedroom
Malibu Living Room - Living room - by JarkaK
Malibu Living Room
Modern Kitchen - Kitchen - by JarkaK
Modern Kitchen
Lakeview Bathroom - Bathroom - by JarkaK
Lakeview Bathroom
View 2 of Dream House - by JarkaK
View 2 of Dream House
View 1 of Dream House - by JarkaK
View 1 of Dream House
Spanish Colonial Rock Style - Living room - by JarkaK
Spanish Colonial Rock Style
Cozy Kitchen - Kitchen - by JarkaK
Cozy Kitchen
Warm Writer Corner - Bedroom - by JarkaK
Warm Writer Corner
Pool on the Backyard - by JarkaK
Pool on the Backyard
Red and Blue - Dining room - by JarkaK
Red and Blue
Oasis in Bathroom - Bathroom - by JarkaK
Oasis in Bathroom
NY Home Office 3 - Office - by JarkaK
NY Home Office 3
Turqoise Bathroom - Bathroom - by JarkaK
Turqoise Bathroom
Georgia O Keeffe 2 - by JarkaK
Georgia O Keeffe 2
Georgia O Keeffe Pool - by JarkaK
Georgia O Keeffe Pool
Capri Faraglioni - by JarkaK
Capri Faraglioni

Thanks FuzzyBunny :)

Thank you Zsuzsanna, when I was in the process of creating, really I imaged and I long for this place of silence for the creation of all kinds of arts like writing, painting, or design <3 :)

Commented on Living Room

Really very very beautiful :)

Commented on Entrance and lounge

I know that I repeat myself, but U´re so talented and I love your works so much <3 :) This absolutely amazing !!!

Likes Zoom
Commented on ok bedroom

Stunning ! 

Commented on Grey

Amazing, amazing, amazing !!!! <3 :)

Likes Grey

Beautiful ! :)

Commented on nat

Beautiful :)

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Beautiful and cozy as well ! :)