Minimal Knight - Bedroom - by darkknight
Minimal Knight
Bedroom calm - by darkknight
Bedroom calm
One Month Later - by darkknight
One Month Later
Morning Coffee - by darkknight
Morning Coffee
Knight Loft - by darkknight
Knight Loft
African Knight - by darkknight
African Knight
View - by darkknight
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Thank you Carl and trubble...glad someone appreciates my humor!

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Very nice....is it really, or is it your room name?

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Thank you trubble....glad you like it :)

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Thank you all: ZsuzsannaCs and Conchy!

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Thank you JarvisLegg and augustmoon!

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Thank you lydiaenderlebell and russ!

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Russ, thank you for taking time to like and comment on my rooms.  I appreciate it.  Looking forward to more of your design!

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Thank you russ for your comments.  Glad you are back!

Thank you all!

Thank you Keliann and Carl ;)

Thanks all !