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thank you so very much! the colors are a little off but very similar

love it very simple but prettyand the colors are great

thank you for everything!

so i am going with your idea! i have painted the walls the colors i had told you about,exaclty the way it is in this picture. i am having a closet door made for me to match the doors in your firstroom.i am on a roll and everything is coming together slowly but surely! i am excited to see my final result i have put so much work into this idea of yours and i am so thankfulthat you had given me something to go off from!thank you soooovery much

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this is very cute and i like i a lot :)

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i do like this room it is very simple but prettyits more for a girl than for both a boy and a girl.but i am in a pickle when it comes to money for these ideas

We just bought 3 different shades of paint for the rooma prettyshadow green,rosiestrougeandchillywinteriwanted to combine thesecolorers somehow to bring their likes all in one i have expresso colored bunk beds and the closet door is actually white and it slides both ways and i have it!my kids have everything just finding a place for everthing is overwelming and stressful.i watch makeover shows all the time and i wish i could have the chance tohave it done for my kids:) i will get back to you on the actual measurements on the room thanksfor your help!

And i think i made the room look bigger in my design than in reality, but my heart is set on this room and i would have loved to have had this when i was a kid,my children are so spoiled and they deserve a great space of their own to enjoy! thank u for ur advice and help.

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i absolutley love the layout, it would be my dream come true to have my kids room look like that. I just cant afford all of the thing s for the room to turn out like this. the closte idea is great and love it. It opens the room up and makes its look bigger and more modern. my trailer is a 1997 single wide 2 bedroom we have done other things to the house like hard wood flooring and i would love for it to flow all together1

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