Jaya Boffi360 - Living room - by anchajaya
Jaya Boffi360
Jaya DWR360 - Bedroom - by anchajaya
Jaya DWR360
Rodin - by anchajaya
Americana West - Classic - Living room - by anchajaya
Americana West
blue green splash - Modern - Living room - by anchajaya
blue green splash
Ebony and Ivory - Global - Bathroom - by anchajaya
Ebony and Ivory
Port of Entry - by anchajaya
Port of Entry
fragile balance - Bathroom - by anchajaya
fragile balance
float - Eclectic - Bedroom - by anchajaya
Island encounter pr - Kitchen - by anchajaya
Island encounter pr
Sea bunker - Living room - by anchajaya
Sea bunker
Transit loop - by anchajaya
Transit loop
Jaya 360 Panorama - Office - by anchajaya
Jaya 360 Panorama
Internship - by anchajaya
Wallnutty pr - Living room - by anchajaya
Wallnutty pr
snooker club - Vintage - Dining room - by anchajaya
snooker club
BnW  - Modern - Bedroom - by anchajaya
Blue mountain retreat - Bedroom - by anchajaya
Blue mountain retreat
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Thank you arthousedeco~ :)

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I shared my designs in my facebook page, as of today, this room has reached over 730 people from a single share to a facebook interior design group. So far the highest number the rooms I designed have been over 2000 per room. More can be possible if everyone canĀ  align with the common goal of creating more professional opportunities. Without a common goal, all these become a game app fit only for young children.

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such a great back yard :) <3

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Thank you ladies, have you noticed how my rooms have all disappeared from "Discover"? ; )

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Sooo adorable~:) <3 <3

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beautiful contrast :) <3

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Love how the rock head with beard is looking at the sun :D <3

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beautifully done! :)

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Very nice! great contrast. :)

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Such wonderful colors~ :)