Jaya Boffi360 - Living room - by anchajaya
Jaya Boffi360
Jaya DWR360 - Bedroom - by anchajaya
Jaya DWR360
Terrace lounge summer - Garden - by anchajaya
Terrace lounge summer
Rodin - by anchajaya
Americana West - Classic - Living room - by anchajaya
Americana West
blue green splash - Modern - Living room - by anchajaya
blue green splash
Magnetic energy - Living room - by anchajaya
Magnetic energy
Golden girls - Modern - Living room - by anchajaya
Golden girls
Thonet living - Living room - by anchajaya
Thonet living
Ebony and Ivory - Global - Bathroom - by anchajaya
Ebony and Ivory
Port of Entry - by anchajaya
Port of Entry
fragile balance - Bathroom - by anchajaya
fragile balance
float - Eclectic - Bedroom - by anchajaya
laundry service - by anchajaya
laundry service
Blue mountain retreat - Bedroom - by anchajaya
Blue mountain retreat
stones and rocks - Global - Garden - by anchajaya
stones and rocks
Jaya Revolve - Living room - by anchajaya
Jaya Revolve
afternoon - Rustic - Dining room - by anchajaya
metal - Dining room - by anchajaya
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Thank you Nova~ :)

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Love this color combination and the simplicity. :)

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Thank you GraceKathryn and Sue Bonstra~! :D

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I love this colors combination, makes me miss your pastels series being almost spring :)<3

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Thank you for your love and comments~! @jade, If I didn't have my daughter at 37 I would already be a grandma, I am starting to miss my teeth and eye sight. There is also a cat in the woodsy room (made her very happy when she discovered it), I was looking for TRex to add to the background but he has gone missing from the party... many kids likes TRex, hopefully RS would give us more animals to play with in the near future. I am trying to complete a painting series of 12 Chinese astrological animals.

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