container home - Global - Bedroom - by anchajaya
container home
Cherry blossom 3 - Global - Garden - by anchajaya
Cherry blossom 3
Jaya Yoo Finn - Modern - Garden - by anchajaya
Jaya Yoo Finn
Americana West - Classic - Living room - by anchajaya
Americana West
view from floor bed - Global - Bedroom - by anchajaya
view from floor bed
Empire Panorama VR - Classic - Living room - by anchajaya
Empire Panorama VR
Jaya Poltrona Lu IRay - Global - Office - by anchajaya
Jaya Poltrona Lu IRay
Jaya Nights 1IRay2 bg - Global - Living room - by anchajaya
Jaya Nights 1IRay2 bg
Jaya Nights 2KingdomIRay - Classic - Garden - by anchajaya
Jaya Nights 2KingdomIRay
Jaya Nights3GatherIRay - Classic - Living room - by anchajaya
Jaya Nights3GatherIRay
Jaya Nights4IRay - Global - Living room - by anchajaya
Jaya Nights4IRay
Jaya Nights5HD - Classic - Bedroom - by anchajaya
Jaya Nights5HD
Exquisite  - Vintage - Bedroom - by anchajaya
cream - Classic - Bedroom - by anchajaya
Jaya Calypso - Modern - Dining room - by anchajaya
Jaya Calypso
Jayanights6casablancairay - Glamour - Dining room - by anchajaya
Jaya Nights8oclockIRay - Glamour - Bedroom - by anchajaya
Jaya Nights8oclockIRay
Jaya Nights9KingsleyIRay - by anchajaya
Jaya Nights9KingsleyIRay
JayaGervasoniGhost - by anchajaya
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Thank you milyca8~

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very handsome

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Is the kingsley bedroom!

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nicely done!

Thank you Roberta, my husband says it is too cluttered and he doesn't like the fact you are being watched when you sleep. lol~Kingsley has a pretty big collection of bedroom furniture. I guess I could've add the big dresser behind the bed.

Thank you atiyahanisah~, is what I say when I realized I created this room a few days ago. I am forgetful so I often forget I made something. lol

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love the door and rail, even have door handles. ;)

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Thank you quiet d, I love yours too. :)

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Beautiful work

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