the grid and letting go - by and_sew_on
the grid and letting go
Sloppy Sunday Sofa - Living room - by and_sew_on
Sloppy Sunday Sofa
sloppy sunday - Modern - Living room - by and_sew_on
sloppy sunday
Grid and letting go DML - Living room - by and_sew_on
Grid and letting go DML
Natural and minimal - Living room - by and_sew_on
Natural and minimal
home theater - by and_sew_on
home theater
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Ignore her.  Some people see only what they want to see.  I saw the posts before they were removed you were being attacked by at least 3 different people.1. Inserting words you never said (not once did you say anything about suicide2.  Another person making threats if you ever said it again (you would have had to say it once to say it again3. Still yet a 3rd person telling you there was no way everyone could hate you without you having done something to all of themPeople might mean well, but they never stop to think how their ignorance towards the situation can make their behavior more detrimental than the pain you are going through. These kinds of threats and accusations only show they did not want to understand what was going on.  And yes you are right to walk away from it, because they clearly don't want to understand.I will try to look you up somewhere outside of here as there is no means of privacy on here.

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3. I have lived this life and it is very lonely. You are correct when you say that you can not change people's attitudes. And it does become extremely hard to find anything good inside when you feel like everywhere you go, you are being judged. Please know that I am praying for you and I understand what you are going through.People insisting the problem has to be you, simply do not understand this because they have never lived it and they need to back off if they don't want to understand. I know the judgement is real, I know the pain is real and more finger pointing, more threats for something they do not understand is absolutely no help.

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1. Your rooms are gorgeous.  Immerse yourself in something you enjoy.  Stop listening to the rest of the world.  People shunned even Jesus. 2.  People can be very judgemental.  I used to weigh 350lbs and people judged me the second I walked through a door.  I know for a fact that you can never do a thing and people will still hate you without even knowing you. People judge if you are in the wrong income bracket, they judge if your kids aren't in the same sports, they judge if you are too short, too tall, too skinny, too fat.....and heaven forbid if you have multiple strikes against you because then you might as well kiss friends of any kind goodbye because no one will give you a chance.

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