I have also replaced the fabric two tone sofas with a corner leather one. Again I would have loved a cream sofa but with children and cats its just a cleaning challenge. I think sometime you need to go for practicality over looks ;0(

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The next level will have to be in a few years time lol, we have only just decorated and im expecting again so money is tight. I will take on bored what you have said and try and make it a bit more neutral. I personally wouldnt use a cream rug (i would love to) becasue with two childern,cats,and another one i dont think it would stay cream for long ha ha. Im def going to paint the entertainment unit a darker colour, you have some great ideas thanks xx

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thankyou, this is my old house unfortunatly. I miss this space so much..we are renting this house out so the new tenants are very lucky. Its a shame because we have mved to a bigger house but have had less money to spend on it. I love the country style and hope to eventually get te new house to this standard xx

aww thanks guys for responding ;0) yes the cushions are from next i have the matching picture too. I have curtains on the main window but not put any on the smaller window. The curtains are linen and i think that a silk or taffeta may look better as it will reflect light back in the room? xx

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