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Colonial - by Bethany_Johnson


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TYVM brdy & tchibobaby

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Fantastic!!! Your color selection really blended very well with the mural. I luv the vines w/ the monkeys that continued the theme without being as overwhelming.  Wonderful room!!!

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I totally love the woodwork above the bookcases.  Again you really captured the theme office and living area

BTW brdy, we do pay for tuition.  I know you said you were not able to go to Design School because of lack of money.  We also offer telecommuting, since so much of the job is already out of the office.  You're only required to come in on Friday mornings for meetings, updates on new lines of products & new clientele.

You're correct brdy.  Most of the rooms have a desk and maybe a chair or two.  They missed the fact that it called for a home office and a living area.  It did not call for a desk shoved in a corned.  It did not call for a office with a waiting room.  Your room really captured the idea.  You have a living area as well as an office, they are separated yet together.  That is why many people will never make it in interior decorating.  Bottom line, it does not matter how photogenic the room, if they fail to listen to detail then they'd never succeed in the business.  It's also why I don't participate in any of the contests.  Roomstyler has no concept of running a fair contest.  While so many slave for hours to meet the criteria, they get completely overlooked to those that pay little to no attention whatsoever, and they say no one should care.  Yet honesty, having a good ear for instruction is precisely the qualities needed to succeed in interior decorat