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Great artwork to complement the carpet! The room feels vibrant with that splash of colour.

I'm sure that this has long been discussed, but I'm just going to bring it up again - that if a company is going to decide that tit's going to have a little bit of AI tucked away in storage to help facilitate the system a little bit, I'm pretty sure that they should be telling people about it...

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I love brick walls a lot but this one looks like it's very obviously wall paper. The effect is rather interesting although I would definitely prefer an authentic brick wall to this.

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The décor here is a bit too futuristic and abstract for my liking. And I personally have been very into the minimalistic look of late! I don't really know how to coordinate statuettes and figurines in a living space either so I'd rather not have them in case the place looks confused. 

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The room looks done up well enough to even act like a miniature study room of office actually! We won't know how usable the space is until all the things that need to go in have been moved to their proper space. Hopefully the room has some sufficient ventilation too so that it would be feasible to use the area to do work!

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