Treasures of the Desert Sand roses are also known as desert roses or desert gypsum crystals. Their tiny formations of beige-pinkish colour crystallised in arid sandy conditions just below the desert’s surface. These natural treasures are usually found in a variety of sizes, ranging from small rosettes about a centimetre across to large bouquets. No matter how thorough your search, you will never find two identical pieces. Designer’s Atelier disc-like crystals of unusual ephemeral beauty originate in the deserts of China, Mexico, USA and Libya. They are gently piled up atop one another and intersecting at odd angles. Surely they make for an ideal gift for anyone with a wanderlust soul and a wish to celebrate lightness and delicate beauty of the desert hidden to those who haven’t dared to explore it.

Another linking element I have fallen in love with during this project is Fornasetti’s Riflesso wallpaper. It adds sophistication and sharpness through mirroring depiction of classical Italian architecture seen by the author’s surrealistic eye – so called 'Citta che si Rispecchia' (circa 1955). The wallpaper is used both in the kitchen as well as the bedroom area. The barstools in the kitchen, yet another surrealist piece I’ve chosen for my design scheme would make an ideal gift for any Fornasetti-inspired collector. They feature the reinvented whimsical motif of a mouth (bocca). An open-plan kitchen with its appliances discretely positioned diminishes the boundaries dividing the space and underlines the theme of the dream.

Living Area as well as the guest bedroom are subtly illuminated and thematically linked by several suspended Fornasetti’s lamps depicting the iconic face of Lina Cavalieri from a 19th century French magazine. Taking Lina as a muse, the archetypal classic features, and enigmatic expression became Fornasetti’s most frequently used template. Thanks to her quintessential beauty she inspired the spontaneous and ceaseless creativity and became his ultimate enduring motif. The L-shaped sitting area is complemented by another 2 Nemo chairs which offer an opportunity to hold a private conversation during an ongoing public one. Both chairs follow the colour scheme of the whole design - one of them being black while the other one comes in a self-asserting deep red.

The selected furnishings evoke a scene seemingly cut out of a dream with an obvious artistic and theatrical effect. They inject sophisticated expression into their composition as well as a playful element, which I feel, is lacking in properties these days. Sensuality and lightness come together in Fabio Novembre’s latest version of his iconic ‘Her Chair’ – a 3D replication of an original plaster sculpture of the female form. An advanced version of this chair seen in the same arrangement is transparent, almost glass-like with chromatic effects underlining the ephemeral magic of a daydream dreamt in the dining area. My choice of tables in the living as well as dining areas was inspired by Roderick Vos’s organic designs. Both tables are custom made to fit the space. From a distance the whole dining area scene is observed by another beloved piece from Novembre’s collection called 'Nemo' (Latin for ‘no man'). The magnificent ‘face’ of every man, or every woman for that matter, is presenting the perfection of the

The inner structure of the space centres around the master bedroom where the design is at its strongest daring point. Bizzotto’s “Man Lamps” here in shape of a naked full - grown males casually sitting by the four-poster bed discretely turn their gaze from the bed and anything that could possibly happen there. It is through their bold design and their role of a silent companion that I carried in the artistic theatrical statement. This element is underlined by the wide lampshade concealing their head - a concept used in surrealist paintings by Rene Magritte. The acrylic Saturn chairs by Andrew Martin complement the spaciousness and airy character of the room in a very non-restrictive way.

The guest bedroom in comparison to the master bedroom is much more toned-down to enable the guests to enter the inner life of the penthouse at their own pace.

Clean & sophisticated!

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