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This is beautiful! I love that mirrored wall and the whole room just flows in such a, shall I say, 'sassy' manner!

Commented on calm Living room.

I love how modern it looks at first, but then you look to the wallpaper and you just feel this whole different emotion! It gives this room a more elegant feel to it.

Commented on Living Room

This is really nice. one helpful tip that you should take in is to add more accessories. I know that the 3D tool doesn't have much anything at all, but it's a matter of what you type in the search bar. For example, I wanted a fruit basket centerpiece for my coffee table, and instead of just searching fruit basket, i went more basic and typed in fruit. It honestly works and gives rooms that 'homey feeling' Good luck!

Created Girl Room
Girl Room - by dancer101901


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I really like this! Definitely spohisticated and the bed looks great like that!

This is really nice!

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awww.... it's so cute!

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Sweet... I love how modern and 'flowy' this room seems. You may want to add more accessories though, to make it look less like someone just moved in. Make it look homey and full of life! keep on designing!

This is unbelievable!! It looks so real because of the layout and toys.

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bedroom 2 - Bedroom - by dancer101901


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wow, nice! how do you make your things look like they have color? besides pillows, but like beds and chairs? i love your room! plz rate mine! dancer101901

Created bedroom 1
bedroom 1 - Bedroom - by dancer101901