Jungle Bedroom - by designcat31
Jungle Bedroom
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very true!

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what do you think!?

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ok, just delete the floor until you see the wood planks floor. then add your own. but i dont think that adding your own walls would effect it. i mean, it might?

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and thanks everyone!

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i probobly wont be, sorry

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what do you think? i hope you like it! also, summer camp is going great! hope yall are having a great summer!

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so, first i deleted it, but not the whole floor. DO NOT CLICK DELETE FLOOR! i just deleted it all except for the wood that you get when you drag in a premade room. i think you layered to many floors, so that is what caused the bug. also watch this to help you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUquvk84jIg

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