Death Valley By Chocolate - by DesignDezizzle
Death Valley By Chocolate
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Thanks Crosette.  So interesting to see how a designer's mind works!

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ok...upon closer inspection I DO see where the mirror is reflecting.  I was thrown off guard by the fact that the light fixture does not seem to be reflected back.  Maybe it's an optical illusion I'm not grasping.  Would still love to know about why you chose the number of mirrors you chose.  Thank you for the insight!

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Hi again Crosette!  This is great.  My question is about the number of mirrors you used on the ceiling. When I did a remix I uncovered one after the other. I wondered what effect it has on your finished design because I don't see any reflections up there.  Did using those ceiling tiles have some other effect that the viewer can't see?  I'm so curious!

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Hi crosette, your design is lovely.  Trying to learn from everyone here.  Can I ask you questions about what you did here?

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