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thank you for the help teri

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the detail is gorgeous<3

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i wish i could make designs this gorgeous 

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love it!!

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btw do you like the room!?

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yeah there was a forum post, i don't know if it still up, it said something about @yate and @crazycatgirl don't know who that last one is though??? 

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hi! i love the scenery! i am 100% not hating, but there was just a simple mistake in the bio, you said hi guy... not sure if it was intentional but i think it is meant to say hi guys! sorry if that sounded rude, i was just trying to help!

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i mean how it's getting deleted

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hey, i'm so sorry about your account

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WOW! this looks strikingly similar to McKAY Design's room, but i love it!

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please stop hating on him/her, she/he is trying his/her best...and by the way it is spelt private... 

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