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Bye Roomstyler
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 I get that the chatting might have gotten a little out of hand, but if you had just shot those people an email going over the forum rules they might have actually listened and Jeroen talks about the chatting a little bit, but honestly if this is about Youth Group, we weren't hurting anyone and yes it was a little bumpy at the start, but honestly we pulled it together in March/April and we were actually helping new designers and by doing the mini contests which got moved to the Youth Group we were actually helping young designers step out of their comfort zone. Alright well I am going to stop before I get too worked up at the staff. I just want to say that it was not right to shut the forums down all of the sudden just because of some problems that you, as in the staff, caused.This is just an opinion, you don't have to agree with anything I say.                                                Happy designing!!                                                             -Ellie 

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I love how the Roomstyler staff saw that they messed up big time, I bet you that they read everyone of our comments, but still didn't do anything about it. So they looked at the forums and were like goodbye, they just did that so that we could stop complaining about them and their mistakes, but did it solve the problem, no, in fact it just made out problems harder to solve because there will always be copycats and now designers who are new and have questions will not be able to ask those questions. 

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I saw that!! Honestly I don't know where I stand on that subject, but they at least could have given us a heads up.

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Amazing Room RaeCam!!!

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I know right, thats what I thought....

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This is a stunning room!! I hope you don't mid me remixing it to see some of the room items you got. I will keep the remix private. 

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