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Love the sophisticated and elegant colour palette with the feminine touches.

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Great colour scheme!

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Love the wallpaper!

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- I used a blue-toned galaxy wallpaper with hints of purple to reinforce the feminine aspect in the female gender of the client. - I used white as a base for most of the furniture to give the illusion of being in a rocket. - - - The large ceiling light embodies the moon and I also wish I could have dotted the surface with tiny lights which could look like stars but I couldn't find any. - The white stone floor is almost shiny but still looks roughly textured with grey and almost looks like the moons surface. - The room is decorated with randomly scattered books and also a standing book shelf which allow her astrophysics knowledge to have a place.- I wanted a huge window right infront of her bed which she can look out to as she falls asleep, and I put in a balcony that is small enough to be personal and intimate, but spacey enough for a telescope. 

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Love the wallpaper!

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The colours work great together!

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I really like the smaller section with the bed and the curtains that close it off - it would enhance the feel of being in a rocket. Super smart idea!

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