Minimal Christmas - by hannahglass
Minimal Christmas
En Suite Loft - Living room - by hannahglass
En Suite Loft
My Thai Resort - by hannahglass
My Thai Resort
Grecian breeze - by hannahglass
Grecian breeze
Kitchen - by hannahglass
canadian cabin - by hannahglass
canadian cabin
Canadian Holiday Home - Bedroom - by hannahglass
Canadian Holiday Home
Earth Series 1 - Bathroom - by hannahglass
Earth Series 1
NEUTRAL DINING - Dining room - by hannahglass
Cool Blue - Modern - Bedroom - by hannahglass
Cool Blue
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Hi :) You asked how I managed to do the windows the way they are in my 'grecian breeze' design... I used the arched, circle & rectangular openings and just placed them on the walls/overlapped them to create the greek window style cut out in the wall. It does take a while but try it! you can create some cool shapes.P.s. nice design!- Hannah x

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thanks :)

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AMAZON - by hannahglass


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