Commented on A Girl's Space

This is just awesome, tingo! I love it!

This is a great design, tingo! I love the way you did that fireplace!

Commented on "Reflections"

This is great, tingo! I love the way you planted those trees. And the outside background is terrific!

Commented on Snowed In

That's a cool room, tingo--wish I was there!

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Commented on Staying In

Wonderful design, tingo. You actually get a sense of being up and looking down. That terrace is outstanding.

Commented on Having FUN!!

This is so cool, tingo! You have an incredible imagination.

Commented on At the cottage

Beautiful!! I could live there!

Commented on I call it "HOME"

Great design, tingo! I love the wall art in the living room!

Commented on Seating For Friends

tingo, this is great! Can't you just see us all sitting there drinking our, uh, orange juice?

Commented on "Downtown Living"

I really like this, tingo! I see you've gotten the hang of the moodboards.

Commented on Summer Frolics

Awesome, jaysea, simply awesome!

Commented on "Nightcap"

Terrific room, tingo! And complete with alcohol!