Mid Century Modernish - by jade61356
Mid Century Modernish
Lake House in Autumn - by jade61356
Lake House in Autumn
View of Miami - by jade61356
View of Miami
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Thank you rrogers45! :)

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thank you DeborahArmelin! I appreciate all the likes and comments!:)

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thank you so much rossella!

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thank you so much ariema!

This is gorgeous!

This is beautiful!

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Amazing! I am a minimalist.. and if I tried to make this room, it would end up looking like a garage sale, where you make it look like a palace.. Just beautiful! How in the world you did that ceiling.. wow..

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Love that green!

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My eyes just go everywhere, there is so much to take in.. and it's wonderful! This must take days to complete. Beautiful!

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Well, I'm just seeing this, and it's Awesome! I don't know how you did those stairs.. but they're gorgeous!:)

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Great details! Love it!

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Wow.. I love this..  the dark blue chaise, with the Icy exterior.. gorgeous!

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Thanks so much barnigondi! I have mad respect for your designs, so I really appreciate the compliment! :)