Paulistano Whiskey - by JayPH
Paulistano Whiskey
Yellow - by JayPH
Marble Bathroom - Bathroom - by JayPH
Marble Bathroom
Vintage Point - by JayPH
Vintage Point
Beach House_in Bohol PH - by JayPH
Beach House_in Bohol PH
Raleigh's Loft - by JayPH
Raleigh's Loft
2nd Floor_Thistle - Living room - by JayPH
2nd Floor_Thistle
Barry Allen Office - by JayPH
Barry Allen Office
Nook bench A2 - by JayPH
Nook bench A2
My Forest Home - Living room - by JayPH
My Forest Home
Waschplatz Bathroom - by JayPH
Waschplatz Bathroom
Symmetry - by JayPH
Table Woods - by JayPH
Table Woods
A Nook for My Mom - by JayPH
A Nook for My Mom
Tropical_LR - Living room - by JayPH
Dark Side - Living room - by JayPH
Dark Side
Elgin and Malia - Bedroom - by JayPH
Elgin and Malia
Groucho_LR - by JayPH
Kissing Scene - by JayPH
Kissing Scene
American Western_DR - by JayPH
American Western_DR
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Very interesting, unique in my eyes! Great work Mum! :)

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Thank you jade, tika, Mum, and janip! you're all so kind!

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very beautiful Deborah! I love it!

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Wow! Awesome, and you've got solar panels there! :)

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Thanks Mum! That's in Boracay, Philippines, our summer beach capital! And still never been there, sadly! LOL

Your quote is very true, is that you? :) From every detail, colors, the bed and wallpaper I love it! Excellent!

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great job!  

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very nice!

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