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oh yes this is awesome!!!!! Love the concrete beams they look gorgeous! so… Ill be stealing this and making a room with it :P

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i copied and pasted your name, but it still didn't tag you it doesn't send any special notifications : /

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oooOooOohhh!!! Popping over to Polyvore to take a look!!!!!! Your lighting is spectacular you totally made the constantly 7 pm thing work here ;P

Commented on CH2

oh my i love this!!!!! So pretty

ooohhh how creative! I wonder why those plants are brown when they show up green on the editor, so strange!

Commented on relax pool bar

this is gorgeous! what a beautiful spot to enjoy drinks!

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awesome details!!!!!

Commented on digi

now that is a wonderful skylight roof!!!!

Commented on Palm

wow this is beautiful love it!

Commented on Tropics

love the way you created the pool!

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Whoa!!!! This is just spectacularly done so much gorgeous details! love the coral color you used!

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Copy and paste their name and it tags that person! I'm on my phone though so it doesn't let me do it on here

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Kurious just for you babe! Us Sorta Kinda designers gotta stick together ;P

this is NOT a room, this is a collection of all the items I have come across that don't pop up when you search for that particular "item" I hope these are helpful to you all! <333xoxoKeara

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wow this closet is massive! I wish my closet was this gorgeous!

Commented on Hudson

this is a gorgeous screened area love it!

Commented on pool

wow i would love to have a view like this!

Commented on casa na arvore

i LOVE this roof its amazing! I would love a roof like this!

Commented on breeze

this is lovely! What a gorgeous garden view!