Commented on Family Room

Ok just to let you know EVERYONE that voted don't like it's okay with me because it's just your opinion but just to let you know this is one of those rooms where you can't decide what to do and it takes you a long time. So everyone voting for the first time please consider thinking of the work put into it: ) Kittycatluver13

Commented on Trendy Hangout

Hey just to let you know i'm not done with this room so consider it before you post a comment or vote!

Commented on Warm Living Room

Hey thanx 4 ur comment...but just to let everyone else know i'm not done yet so consider that before you vote thanx! kittycatluver13

i love this room! it is like a mix of modern and traditional and i love it!

Commented on retro office

I love this room but i made a remake check it out!