The Golden Rules - Eclectic - Living room - by LARV
The Golden Rules
First Floor Triclinium - by LARV
First Floor Triclinium
Purple Skybox - by LARV
Purple Skybox
The Golden Girl - by LARV
The Golden Girl
Super Thicc Structures - by LARV
Super Thicc Structures
Katla - by LARV
Parents2Be - by LARV
Repurposed Church - by LARV
Repurposed Church
Brigitta Truman Vintage - by LARV
Brigitta Truman Vintage
Not so average bar - by LARV
Not so average bar
The Ceramist - by LARV
The Ceramist
Commented on london artist

I love what you did with the jars and the standing painting <3

Commented on Fat Chef

Love this color palette <3

Likes Fat Chef

Even the office chair screams creativity :D

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Commented on Kitchen2

Love those bricks :)

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Commented on kitchen for 5

Beautiful botanic details :D

Commented on Spain

Smart design :)

Likes Spain
Commented on kitchen with bar

The wallpaper and the bar stools really make this otherwise basic kitchen very special :)

Commented on Wooden

Great! This would even be the perfect kitchen for a spa :)

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Commented on breakfast

I love that you chose yellow stools. They make this room interesting :)

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Commented on Kitcheeen

I always loved that 'dalmatian' print that is available  in the 3D roomplanner but I never know what to do with it but you really made it work :)

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Created Salsa
Salsa - by LARV