Tis the Season  - by lydiaenderlebell
Tis the Season
Greek Island Villa - Living room - by lydiaenderlebell
Greek Island Villa
O Holy Night - by lydiaenderlebell
O Holy Night
Caribbean Xmas Eve - by lydiaenderlebell
Caribbean Xmas Eve
Apres Ski - by lydiaenderlebell
Apres Ski
The Face of Peace  - by lydiaenderlebell
The Face of Peace
Glorious Sunset - by lydiaenderlebell
Glorious Sunset
Christmas Eve - by lydiaenderlebell
Christmas Eve
Alpine Christmas - by lydiaenderlebell
Alpine Christmas
O Holy Night II - by lydiaenderlebell
O Holy Night II
Silent Night - Dining room - by lydiaenderlebell
Silent Night
Xmas Alone - by lydiaenderlebell
Xmas Alone
Pure Elegance - by lydiaenderlebell
Pure Elegance
NY Eve on the Mountain - by lydiaenderlebell
NY Eve on the Mountain
Happy New Year - by lydiaenderlebell
Happy New Year
Summer Storm - Living room - by lydiaenderlebell
Summer Storm
Winter Storm - by lydiaenderlebell
Winter Storm
Leaves of Autumn - by lydiaenderlebell
Leaves of Autumn
Thai Resort - by lydiaenderlebell
Thai Resort
Last Harvest Day in Tuscany - by lydiaenderlebell
Last Harvest Day in Tuscany
Commented on Alpine Symphony

Thank you all for your warm and encouraging compliments!

Commented on Rocky Mt Cabin II

Thank you Milyca8!

Commented on Rocky Mt Cabin

Thank you Laughterlinescs, Meggle, Fairlight!

Oh I see, my first comment wasn't saved. Love the design and the wood you used.!

What a clever and inspiring way of applying the roof.  Very, very creative! I think you helped many of us in learning to create roof tops!

Love it! Love the wood you used!

Commented on Rocky Mt Cabin II

Thank you all, for your lovely and encouraging compliments!

Commented on Ro

Beautiful! Love the beige and white, and the A-frame roof!

Commented on Peacocks


Commented on Groja Blue

Very lovely!

Commented on LAZY

Agree with Russ, love the play of the light!

Commented on Student life

Love the black and white!

Commented on Tropical Wall

WOW! The color blows me away. I love red!

Commented on open space

Very lovely and architecturally interesting!

Commented on Tropical patterns

Very lovely, Bgref! As I told Fairlight, it is so amazing how many people in your age group are producing designs that compete so successfully with the adults on RS!

Commented on Tropical_LR

Very lovely design! I think you found a great wall paper for this design.  Personally, I'm staying away from this one, as I was not very successful in my "leaf" design, even though myself, I love it.

Commented on Reading Bukowski

Love it, and got curious enough about the title to look it up in Wikipedia. Am embarrassed that I didn't know about the author. Thank you for introducing me to an author I was not familiar with. After reading his life history and the nature of his works, I am sure to acquire some of it!

Likes Ro
Likes Peacocks
Likes outdoors