Apres Ski - by lydiaenderlebell
Apres Ski
Last Harvest Day in Tuscany - by lydiaenderlebell
Last Harvest Day in Tuscany
Farm Holiday - by lydiaenderlebell
Farm Holiday
A Bed of Roses - by lydiaenderlebell
A Bed of Roses
Lazy Summer Days - by lydiaenderlebell
Lazy Summer Days
Alpine Retreat - by lydiaenderlebell
Alpine Retreat
Terrace of My Boho Home - by lydiaenderlebell
Terrace of My Boho Home
Echoes of the Past - by lydiaenderlebell
Echoes of the Past
My Secret Garden Spot - by lydiaenderlebell
My Secret Garden Spot
My Seaside Retreat - Living room - by lydiaenderlebell
My Seaside Retreat
Old Castle Ruin  - by lydiaenderlebell
Old Castle Ruin
Ole Mexico - by lydiaenderlebell
Ole Mexico
Dining Elegance - by lydiaenderlebell
Dining Elegance
Sunshine Yellow - by lydiaenderlebell
Sunshine Yellow
Sunset on the Lake Hotel - by lydiaenderlebell
Sunset on the Lake Hotel
Apres Ski Wellness - by lydiaenderlebell
Apres Ski Wellness
Alpine Blues - by lydiaenderlebell
Alpine Blues
My Blue Mountain Cottage - by lydiaenderlebell
My Blue Mountain Cottage
Hollywood Glamour - by lydiaenderlebell
Hollywood Glamour
Warehouse Elegance - by lydiaenderlebell
Warehouse Elegance
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Thank you so much, Hajnalka!

Commented on Romancing the Past

Thank you All for your encouraging comments!  Thank you Nari, Deborah, Yana, Milyca, Mum Dali and Leo!

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Thank you very much, Jade.  You can find out various design techniques or furnishings that interest you by going into the remix 3D. As long as you don't take photos and press the "Save" function you are not recorded as "remixing" someone else's design. In the case of the lights, I placed those nearer to the walls and turned the light function on "high". In the previous use of the same lights, (the photo wall) I turned the light function on low, which gave a similar but yet different effect. I have been with RS only a year but I am learning constantly from others and I feel I have a long way to go.

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Very lovely!

I love it! Looks like a great getaway

Thank you JayPH, for your opinion. Again, I couldn't make up my mind, still don't know which one I like better. I guess the atmosphere of each is a bit different, one casual, and the other one a bit more formal. Anyway, I like to play around with different color schemes etc. to see what happens..... Thank you again, for all your visits and your "hearts".

Thank you, LaModeCeleste, for your visit and all your hearts as of late!!!

Thank you so much, Roberta and Jade! Yes, these small European (in this case German) towns are nice. We have a town square surrounded by these types of houses, with a creek bordered with flowers and cafes and bistros. On a sunny day you can sit outside and sip a Cappuccino or whatever other drink your heart desires.