thanks for the help ill edit it

Not my best, but thats ok I can always add more. Post in the comments what I should change or add!

this is somewhat scandivian. I recommend that when you pick a room idea, go to google and search up lets say scandinavian kitchens. It helps a lot. thats what I do sometimes.  Otherwise, the rug is pretty nice. I also really like that choice of table. Oh, and by the way just because I'm saying this doesn't mean were "friends again". But yeah this was pretty good. Keep up the hard work. Thank for the "constructive critisism" on my posts. Really helps. If you every like the idea a comment a gives you, don't forget you can go back and edit it, making it better everytime. Bye. 

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cause i want to. im not rude tho

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how do you do the slanted windows?

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well thank you

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1. idc2. no it doesn't there is natural light3. there are never enoughthis isn't real so no need to judge